Sunday, April 10, 2011

WVC TRiO +1 Grand Tour 2011 Schedule

At last, the final schedule for WVC TRiO +1 Grand Tour 2011.

Tay Cher Siang   Piano
Vincent Ong        Bass
Julian Chan         Saxophones
Hong                  Drums

April 19th   Melaka                                   Geographer Cafe
April 22nd  Nero Fico                                Kuala Lumpur
April 23rd  No Black Tie                            Kuala Lumpur
April 24th  East Shore                              Beijing
April 26th  Tianjin Music Conservatory       Tianjin
April 29th  Don Quixote                            Nanjing
April 30th  North Store Gate                     Wuxi
May  1st   Mofun Loft                               Suzhou
May  4th   Fuyou Club                              Changsha
May  5th   Happy House                           Guangzhou
May  6th   A.D. Livehouse                         Foshan
May  7th   Red Sugar Can                        Shenzhen
May  8th   TBA                                        Macau
May  11th Saxophone Pub                        Bangkok
May  12th Mellow Yellow                          Bangkok
May  13th Vie Hotel                                 Bangkok


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