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Thursday, January 21, 2010

WVC TRiO on Reverbnation and Facebook

WVC TRiO has been on Reverbnation and Facebook for quite awhile. But your truly is a lazy ass who doesn't really do much to update his blog, facebook and what not.

So here they are: WVC TRiO on Reverbnation:
and Facebook:

You can even listen to some of our music on Reverbnation and check out our updates on Facebook.

Hopefully we will suddenly become world famous la! No lah. To to be honest, I just hope that our music will make people emotional (Happy, Sad, Angry, Contemplative, Modest, Ecstatic..... etc.)
Hope you enjoy our music.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Amazing Talk about Islam

Amidst all these noises about a term, it is quite disappointing to see how people react to something that deserved communication with violence, especially when you think about how far we have "develop" to the civilization we have now. 

I know this is mainly a blog about music, but I listen to National Public Radio from the States a lot. They have a lot of intelligent programs that deeply interest me. Kristen Tippetts' "Speaking of Faith" being one of the programs that I listen to a lot. (Others being Ira Glass's "This American Life", Dee Dee Bridgewater's "Jazz" and also Marian McPartland's "Piano Jazz").

This issue of "Speaking of Faith" , Kristen was interviewing a former Muslim extremist Mr Ed. Hussein. What they were talking about enlightens me, and to a certain extents that I wish that everybody who cares about this country should have a listen.

So here it is:

Please listen, no matter what religion you pledge allegiance to.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

WVC TRiO + 1 2010 Grand Tour, and tidbits

As mentioned earlier, WVC TRiO + 1 2010 Tour is in preparation. So far, 90 percents of the places are confirmed, I am happy to announce that we will tour 18 cities total as of now, this includes many places in Malaysia, Singapore and China!

Official announcements will come next.

WVC TRiO + 1  will also perform in No Black Tie in late Feb, paying tribute to Bill Evans, one of the most respected, most emulated, and most recognizable jazz pianists in the history of jazz. After the No Black Tie hiatus, we will perform in Alexis for the end of Feb.

As I have said before, 2010 is going to be busy. I need my massage...