Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Upcoming Concert! April 9th, Triple Bill Concert

“My Glorious Years” is the first installment of C.O.R (Chinese Oldies Revival) series of concerts organized by pop pop music, a premier audiophile music label in Malaysia.

“My Glorious Years” is based on the main theme of reviving Chinese oldies with Jazz and Bossa Nova flavors. It aims to bring back nostalgia of yesteryears, completely revitalized with modern flavors. It is, in essence, an East-meets-West hybrid music presentation for the discerning and mature audience. Repertoire would include evergreens from Zhou Xuan, Bai Guang, Liu Jia Chang, Teresa Teng and Cai Qin.

Lydia Chew is the female vocalist of jazz duo “JZ8”, whose debut album has sold over 5,000 copies since its launch in May 2010.

Z Yan, nicknamed “Bossa Princess” is the first in Malaysian to interpret Chinese pop songs with a Bossa Nova feel. Her album “Brasileiro” was launched in December 2010 to much acclaim. So far it has sold over 3,000 copies.

WVC Trio is one of the most active and talented jazz trios in Malaysia. Led by pianist and music director Tay Cher Siang, WVC Trio has toured the world extensively in the last 2 years.

由Pop Pop Music所呈献的“花样年华”音乐飨宴是一個独树一格, 旧曲新唱的演唱會系列。在一片中文怀旧复兴热潮当中,旧曲新唱似是一股锐不可挡的风潮。Pop Pop Music肩负著提倡好音乐,好品质,好声音的前提下,引领大马越来越多喜爱旧曲新唱的音乐发烧友,从中领略不同年代,不同岁月面貌的经典名曲。其中的歌曲將會是周璇, 白光, 劉家昌, 鄧麗君, 蔡琴的經典老歌。
“花样年华”音乐会的灵魂,就是以动人的爵士乐(Jazz) 再配合慵懒甜美、浪漫性感的巴萨诺瓦(Bossa Nova), 献给观众无法言喻的喜悦以及中西混合口味的惊喜, 带领观众进入让人难以忘怀的时光遂道。


周翠玲, 大马最美丽的和音天使。2010年5月推出一张以“JZ8”为名的爵士专辑, 专辑曲风带著慵懒迷人气息的爵士乐,以黑马之姿穾破5000销量大关,著实叫人惊喜。

欣彦,甜美可人的“芭莎公主”。2010年12月推出一张让人耳目一新的<芭沙公主>,慵懒甜美而性感的Bosa Nova曲风,再配以旧曲的韵味,竟然在短短的两个月销量内便冲破3000张!

WVC三重奏,全马最具魅力与潜质的爵士乐队。WVC三重奏乐队灵魂人物, 同时亦是”花样年华”音乐总监郑泽相,可说大马少有的华语源流爵士乐手。近两年来于爵士音乐界迅速掘起, 广泛受邀组团,伴奏,出辑,于爵士音乐圈享有一定的名气。


Tickets on sale starting 14th Feb 2011!

Early birds discount from now until 9th march 2011 - RM10 off!

Ticketing Info:

Date: 9th April 2011
Venue: Bentley Auditorium, Mutiara Damansara 
Price: RM105 & RM85 (Early Birds RM95 & RM75)

Ticketing Outlets: 
CDRAMA (Popular Bookstore) Ikano Power Centre (03-77258188/5832)

CDRAMA, Sunway Pyramid 
CDRAMA, Cheras Leisure Mall 
Loud+Clear, Solaris Dutamas