Wednesday, September 1, 2010

JZ8 & 2V1G Double Bill Concert in Bentley Damansara, 21st August 2010

First of all, this is a concert that is completed, so this is not an advertisement. The advertisement will come later. 21st August 2010, 8pm, we kicked off the double bill concert with Roger playing the first tune for the night, ala Solo Guitar, Imagine by John Lennon, what a way to start a concert.
The concert is consists of JZ8, the group that me and the beautiful Lydia put together. The CD came out in May, and it is a good time to perform the music in a live setting. 2V1G is consists of Roger Wang the guitar extraordinaire, Winnie Ho the newly in love songstress and Ah Fai, my old friend. I think the concert went well, the audience had a good time. You were not there? Oh, so sorry to hear that. So the advertisement is here: JZ8 and WVC TRiO is going do perform another concert in Oct 12th 2010, in Bentley Damansara.
Make sure you make it there, ok? While waiting for the day to come, here are some pictures from the concert la!

Photos courtesy of, amazing pictures, thanks!