Sunday, February 7, 2010

WVC TRiO + 1 Grand Tour 2010

WVC TRiO + 1 Grand Tour 2010, Schedule is out!

There might be some changes here and there, but most of the places are confirmed. Schedule:

Feb 24th      Wednesday          No Black Tie (Tribute to Bill Evans)
Feb 25th      Thursday              No Black Tie (Tribute to Bill Evans)
Feb 26th      Friday                  Alexis 
Feb 27th      Saturday              Alexis
March 3rd   Wednesday          Melaka
March 4th    Thursday             Batu Pahat
March 5th    Friday                 Kulai
March 7th    Sunday               Singapore (NUS Art Festival)
March 9th    Tuesday             Guangzhou
March 10th  Wednesday        Shenzhen
March 11th  Thursday            Nanjing
March 12th  Friday                Wuxi
March 13th  Saturday            Suzhou
March 15th  Monday             Shanghai
March 17th  Wednesday       Tianjin
March 21st  Sunday              Penang
March 23rd Tuesday             Sungai Petani
April 6th      Tuesday             Kuala Lumpur
April 10th    Saturday            Port Dickon
April 11th    Sunday              Ipoh
April 17th    Saturday            Kuching
April 18th    Sunday              Kota Kinabalu

 I will add the details for each places in the next post.
Stay tune!     


Helen said...

Venue for 24 March performance in KL please? Thanks

Helen said...

ooops sorry, i mean 4 April.

Cher Siang said...

hi Helen.
Sorry, KL Performance still has no venue yet, working on it! Gambate!