Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, and here We Go!

On 3rd March 2010, 9.15am, WVC TRiO + 1 is driving out of their home's pavement towards Melaka, the first stop for our Grand Tour 2010.

Uncertainties lurking around the corner, surprises might turn up anytime; accidents might occur at unknown places. But there will be satisfactions of playing great music, gathering with good friends, working in heart warming comradeship.

We don't have glamorous tour bus with WVC TRiO + 1 painted on the side, with booze on board and driver in black suit uniform. We don't have banners and ten of thousands of fans shouting. We don't even have roadies. All the equipments will be moved by us, set up by us. We might play to 100 audience, or the most, 400 audience. But hopefully, people who come to our concert will be touched by the music, our music. Even they are not touched by it, maybe they will know, "Oh, that's jazz!".

So, we are spreading the good news of jazz. Come and join us.


khim said...

Hi Cher Siang,
Here is Khim from ICON Magazine. Thinking to include WVC Tri0's performance(KL & PJ) in ours event calender. Can you please send me related info and images? Thanks.

Cher Siang said...

Hi Khim,
I believe I don't have your contact. Could you please email me at jazzzzaj@gmail.com?