Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Video from WVC TRiO + 1 Live at Bentley Damansara, 7th April 2010, The Art of the Wind Up Alarm Clock

This video was captured by Horng Yih, our photographer extraordinaire on the latest Canon EOS 550D. I have to say this looks fantastic, even though without any support from the tripod, the occasionally shaking pictures, but the sound was great and the pictures are pristine! Over the year since we recorded this song, we've played this tune faster and faster, and I like it! Featuring Adam Osmaisnki on Drums, Vincent Ong on Bass and Benjamin Lee on Saxophone.

There are more videos to come, courtesy of my director Mr. Choo Harn from Steps production. We were blessed with enthusiastic individuals who are willing to make Art with us.
Thank you Horng Yih! Thank you Choo Harn!

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