Monday, October 18, 2010

Busy Schedule

I am not complaining, but have been very very busy for the past months.

So when chatting with friends:

"What's up?"
"Not much, have been busy!"
"Wah! good lah!"

Exactly, to be a busy musician is a good thing.

So the WVC TRiO +1 new CD [In the Dark, I See Her] was released in September, featuring Benjamin Lee on Saxophones, Vincent Ong on Bass, and Adam Osmianski on Drums. In September and October, WVC TRiO +1 did a few performances in No Black Tie and also a concert in Bentley Damansara, also featuring Lydia from JZ8. That went well, although the turn up wasn't something I am proud of.

Also did a concert for Gina's golden celebration, that was a breeze. 
Did a gig with Chicagoan Saxophonist Patrick Terbrack, that was very very challenging.
Did many gigs with various colleagues, those were bread and butter gigs.
Did a Bossa Nova/Brasileiro album for Z Yan, which I am proud of.
Did an album for veteran singer/songwriter Zhou Bo Hua, that is something that I am very proud of as well.

Now I am preparing to leave the country, to Taichung Jazz Festival 2010 with WVC TRiO +1, and then to Tokyo, Cairo, Ankara, Chennai and Calcutta with Unit Asia for our second album Tour.
Will only be back in Malaysia in late November.

Then will take a hiatus in New York City from Dec 19th to Jan 20th 2011. Right after that a Japan tour with Unit Asia from Jan 23rd till Feb 3rd.

Looking back at year 2010, feel proud that I seemed to be doing a lot, traveling a lot, enjoying life and work, created something. Even though the dark clouds of feeling I could have done more is lingering like a bad taste in my mouth, still I am glad that I've been given opportunities to have done so much.

2011 will be another good year. I believe. So please work hard!


maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

it is good to be in demand. one day when you don't have time for us will be the surest sign you have done well ;-)

Cher Siang said...

多亏各方看得起,多亏我兢兢业业。时间总是会留给poppopmusic 的,合作伙伴关系愉快,总是会合作下去的。共勉之。

SKY said...


Ya Hui Huang said...

I was in Taichung Jazz Festival as an audience and really love your performance(especially you on piano. Sure 4 of you are all great musicians too)and 乾淨精準的觸鍵和言之有物是我最喜歡的!! Got one of your CDs,it's really nice~~ but still prefer your live performance, more contagious.......or maybe I need a good stereo set for the CD...

One question about Jazz learning and practicing.
Since I'm a classical player(violinst).Should I start from listen & play , or there are some other way to start?

Cher Siang said...

Ya Hui,

Thanks much for your feedback on our performance in Taichung, appreciate you take the time to write.

Of course it is quite important to listen in order to learn the "language", but there are also "grammar", "logic" available to be learned to play this type of music. Let me know your musical background, maybe I could suggest some materials?

my email is

Jin Han said...

Wow, your schedules are really full and like you said, it is more of a good thing rather than a bad thing. Heard you once at the double bill concert and really liked you life performances. Also appreciate all the arrangements you have donoe in JZ8. Looking forward to more records from you and your team. Talking about records, you said you have released "In the Dark, I See Her". Is it sold in most record stores? Where can I get it?

Cher Siang said...

Jin Han, thanks for your words of encouragements. I don't know when and which record store will have our CD on sale, at least I am not informed by the record company about it. We mainly sell the CDs ourselves. Please get in touch with me, I can pass you the CD.
Thanks much!